Some Achievements

Past and recent projects carried out by the agency

Achievements of the Agency

  • 165 agribusiness financed for young graduates with N24.750m;
  • 495 women with initiatives in agribusiness supported with N7.425m;
  • 1,155 sundry farmers supported with N163.825m;
  • 100 new agribusiness financed for young graduates with N10m;
  • 330 women with initiatives on agribusiness supported with N33m;
  • A group of 90 farmers on farm settlements in Oyo State supported with N9m;
  • Funding of 6 cooperative farmers group on 616 acres of farmland for cassava production with N39.5m;
  • Funding of 38 YEAP graduates with N9.5million;
  • Funding of 4 cooperative farmers group on 376 acres of farmland for cassava.